experience the difference of meeting Environment

For successful meeting where seamless collaboration meets inspiration and convenience. We offer you three rooms with diverse facilities including display screens ensuring that your presentations are seamless and impactful, black and white boards to illustrate the creative ideas. And that’s not all – with wide smile we standing to serve you with delectable catering options to fuel your discussions, and reliable high-speed WiFi to keep you connected throughout your session, and free-parking is granted as well. Make your meetings more than just ordinary – make them extraordinary. Book your space today and experience the difference of meeting environment.

Board Room

The Boardroom is 30 square meters in size and can accommodate 20 people and is equipped with a display screen for presentations. The rent is €65 per-hour. Use this link for booking: https://napataboardroom.youcanbook.me

Koush Room

The Koush room is 16 square meters and can accommodate 6 people, also equipped with a display screen. The rent is €35 per-hour. Use this link for booking:https://koushroom.youcanbook.me/

Lunch Room

This is the main room where Napata team serves the lunch. Its perfect for host events for big groups (30 to 60). The rent is €95 per-hour. Use this link for booking:https://nilsdewitte-1.youcanbook.me