About Us

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Experience a symphony of tastes with our signature sandwiches. Indulge in the iconic Broodje Falafel, where crispy falafel meets your choice of creamy pindakaas or refreshing yoghurt salad, adorned with tomato, white cheese, and rucola. Dive into the Broodje Aubergine, a delightful combination of tender aubergine, ripe tomato, and vibrant rucola. Or explore the exotic Broodje Egyptische Bonen, complemented by white cheese, crisp salad, and the richness of olijfolie.


We are Napata Restaurant, a place where culinary exploration and cultural tradition come together harmoniously.

Our Journey

Our journey starts with a mission to bring the authentic taste of Nubian Sudanese cuisine to the Netherlands.

Our dishes

Every dish we create pays homage to the rich cultural heritage of Nubian Sudan.

Our Specialties

Welcome to Napata Restaurant, your gateway to the rich and diverse flavors of Sudanese cuisine right here in the Netherlands. We are not just a restaurant; we are a culinary journey that bridges cultures, tantalizes taste buds, and celebrates the art of food.

NYUS Toasted Bread with Grape

Bread / Cream / Grape

NYUS Cheesy Fruits Cake

Cake / Fruits / Cheese


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